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Over 35 years of collective experience

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About Us

Resilient Media is a multifaceted multilingual media company with over 35 years of collective experience servicing broadcast and cable television channels, advertising, post production, production and distribution companies, as well as corporate, educational institutions and government agencies.
Resilient Media is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), certified by NY/NJ Chapter of the National Minority Supplier Development Council




Top quality services and customized solutions

Post Production

  • Editorial Services.
  • Encoding & Digitizing
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Conversions
  • Digital Cinema Packages
  • Time Compression
  • Duplication & Transfers
  • Distribution

Time Tailor Prime Image

As a broadcaster, cable and/or satellite provider, post production or commercial program distributor, you can time compress the content runtime of your program and insert commercial breaks while maintaining the quality of the content and closed captions.

Transfers & Distribution

Transfers and Distribution services are available for digital and tape formats.

Closed Captions

Offline Bilingual (English & Spanish)

Caption Files (SD or HD formats)

  • Creation of caption files for Broadcast, Online or DVD.

Caption File Reformatting

  • The original caption file is reformatted to match edited versions.

Caption File Downloading

  • The closed captions embedded on a master are downloaded for reformatting, transcript creation or archiving purposes.

Caption File Conversion for Broadcast, Bluray/DVD or Online

  • Caption files are converted to and from various formats for broadcast, DVD or Online.

Closed Caption Masters

  • Embed or encode captions onto tape, digital files.

Real Time Captions

  • Real time or live captioning services are available for English or Spanish language content.


Language Localization (Multilingual)

Foreign Language Dubbing

Script translation and acculturation, talent casting, directing and audio mixing services (voice over & lip sync) for Broadcast, Online, BluRay/DVD, Mobile and Online content.


Script translation and acculturation and subtitle file creation for Broadcast, Online & BluRay/DVD content.

Our award-winning media/branding department services most industries and sectors promoting our clients with inspired thinking for branding, design, print, digital/website, marketing and PR services


We develop unique, innovative and effective solutions based on deep understanding.We deliver on time and on budget.

Media Strategy

Not only do we know how to create and design user-friendly and functional websites, we go above and beyond with complete solutions for your needs.

Establish Relationships

We listen. We take the time to fully understand your goals and strengths, and to identify your competitive advantage.

Case Studies

Over 35 years of collective experience


A major national English language cable channel acquired 250 hours of programming, which required to be transcribed, close captioned and encoded to Digibeta tape within an eight month period. We assembled a team to work exclusively with this client (Monday to Saturday) and were able to process the 250 hours of programming within budget and on schedule.


A national English language cable channel was launching a Spanish version of its brand within 12 months. The Client was looking for a trusting partner to provide Spanish translation, dubbing and closed captioning services for over 200 hours of programming. The Client didn’t have the budget to complete the services in the United States. Fortunately, Mr. Mahomar, President, CEO, is from El Salvador and does business throughout Latin America, where pricing is most favorable. The challenge of setting up a Latin American operation was easily handled and within one month, the operation began processing the programming. Our Client received the quality he expected on budget and on schedule.


A Spanish language cable channel called asking for rush services, which included closed captioning, encoding into HDCAM and Quality Control Technical Evaluation (QC) services. The Client’s vendor has defaulted and couldn’t keep up with the schedule. Within 24 hours we received the first eight hours of programming, which were transcribed, captioned, encoded, QC and delivered to our Client for evaluation. In the end, we completed an additional 120 hours of programming and our Client was able to keep his programming schedule intact!


An advertising agency called on a Friday late afternoon requiring closed captioning, encoding and duplication services for a Super Bowl commercial, which was airing that Sunday, on Super Bowl Sunday. The Client needed to deliver the closed captioned masters to the station by end of day Friday. Within 1 hour of receiving the digital file we had completed 2 Close Captioned Masters and hand delivered them to the station in NYC.


An English language cable channel required closed captioning and time compression services for 48 one hour episodes on HDCAM Masters. Utilizing Prime Image’s Time Tailor 3000, we easily programmed our Client’s specs into the system and output the 48 episodes during a 4 month period.


An infomercial agency launched a product in general market, which resulted in major success. They decided to launch a Spanish dubbed version but noticed they weren’t having any success. We evaluated the Spanish dubbed master and noticed immediately, that the Spanish translations were offensive since they catered to a particular Hispanic group and worse of all, the audio wasn’t lip synched properly. In addition, three of the voice talent utilized for testimonials didn’t match the original voices, therefore it didn’t sound credible. We translated and adapted the script into neutral Spanish (all inclusive) and casted three matching voice talent, which resulted in an increase of 22% sales for our Client.




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